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Making Moves

I'm not generally into big declarations about career moves (or declarations of any kind on this blog, as my extended absence from posting would prove) but I think a short note is in order here. This week I joined The Tie Bar as VP eCommerce. It's … [Read more]

Spare Me From Blog Posts By “Product Guys”

Techcrunch, which is on a steep decline in the post-Arrington era, recently ran a guest post by Aaron Harris, co-founder & CEO of Tutorspree with the inflammatory title "Spare Me from "Product Guys."  The title itself is actually terribly … [Read more]

The Signal Experience – 3 Month Mark

Achoo!Man, there is so much dust on this blog it's stirring up all kinds of allergic reactions.  The cobwebs are pretty nasty too...Anyway, figured it was high time to offer an update on my life here at Signal, three months post-CV.  There is no … [Read more]

Farewell Apartments.com/CV, Hello Signal

Your heart rate quickens.  You notice your arm in your peripheral vision and very hair is standing on end.  Every sense is heightened.   What do these have in common?  All physiological responses to fear and excitement.  If you were to … [Read more]

When Web Design Goes Bad…

Let the awesome terribleness of Ling Valentine’s creation soak in.  Be sure to scroll ALL the way to the bottom to maximize the awesomeness.  Would you give Ling your credit card number? www.lingcars.com     … [Read more]

Google – State of Mobile Search

Think with Google - Mobile-ize Your Business.pdf Download this file This past Tuesday I attended a webinar facilitated by some of Google's mobile AdWords team.  While a good chunk of the presentation and subsequent Q&A focused on educating … [Read more]

Talking Mobile with Google – Webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about how mobile, and specifically Google’s mobile services, can apply to your business, this is the webinar for you.  I expect they’ll spend substantial time walking through their mobile … [Read more]

Introducing Tim Grace, the iPhone App

If it wasn't obvious, I'm fascinated with mobile tech.  I'm lucky enough to indulge that interest professionally by driving Apartments.com's mobile product initiatives, but sometimes that just isn't enough.  Part experiment, part exercise in vanity, … [Read more]

The rare branded Facebook widget that works

via insidefacebook.com American Eagle, a brand pretty much non-existent in my daily consciousness, just launched a terrific new widget that allows Facebook fans to browse items directly from their fan page or the user's news feed itself. While not … [Read more]

It’s the experience, stupid

Rarely do I read something that literally prompts me to blurt "YES!" out loud (promptly causing my nearby colleagues to momentarily question my sanity), but after reading Dave McClure's latest rant, I just couldn't hold back that excited utterance.  … [Read more]