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Farewell, Hello Signal

Your heart rate quickens.  You notice your arm in your peripheral vision and very hair is standing on end.  Every sense is heightened.


What do these have in common?  All physiological responses to fear and excitement.  If you were to perform a physical exam on me at any random moment in the past few weeks (or the past year for that matter!), you’d be likely to find that I’m either terrified or exhilarated.  The reality is that I’m both.


Next week will be my last week at and Classified Ventures.  It’s hard to express how conflicted I feel over this.  For nearly 5 years, CV has been home to some of my greatest achievements, produced amazing friends and, most importantly, led me to the love of my life who I married earlier this year.  As someone who defines themselves greatly through their work, every job I’ve had has significantly shaped the fabric of who I am.  The past 4.5 years at CV have been the most rewarding in my professional life, and they have taught me that when surrounded by talented, driven and high character people, my growth (and that of the organization) is nearly limitless.


So – why the change?  Simply put, the team and opportunity at Signal ( is impossible to turn down.  Uber-talented team filled with genuine and likable people – check.  I’ve walked away from every discussion with this team insanely fired up to do great work.  The fact that Signal CEO Jeff Judge and I have known each for nearly 2 years played no small role in validating quality of the team.  That also helped coax me away from a terrific boss & mentor (Chris Brown) – I knew Jeff could capably carry that torch.  Finally, as employee # 14 (and hiring for more! at a relatively mature start-up, I know my impact will be felt in a way that I, frankly, could never make happen at CV given it’s size and structure.  It was time to give start-up life a whirl and I couldn’t have found a better place to do that.


The above says nothing for the quality of the product, which is terrific and has truly special in it’s sights.  Any marketer looking to engage with their customers across multiple platforms (mobile, email, social) and appreciate the ability to manage that engagement through one, intuitive solution would do well to check it out (  As Product Director, I’m confident my leadership will help drive the Signal platform even further to the top of the marketer’s toolkit.


As I say farewell to my CV family, whom I love, I’m going to refrain from making special mention of every wonderful person I’ve had the privilege of working with.  While there have been a few forgettable faces along the way, nearly every colleague has been a joy and has had a strong hand in my professional growth.  That said, there are 4 people I simply have to acknowledge, starting with my team:


– Andrea, Ken and Catelyn (honorary mention – Mango): Everything I, and our team, has achieved in the past 3 years is due to your passion, talent and drive.  I merely steered the ship.  Thank you for giving me your all and, most importantly, for your friendship.


– Chris Brown: You are the leader everyone hopes to have but rarely gets.  Thanks for living up to that standard every day for 3 years…and for being a great friend along the way.


Finally, to the amazing multifamily community I’ve become a part of, thanks for allowing me to join in the conversation.  What I’ve learned from all of you will continue to be pivotal in my work at Signal.  I hope the great relationships I’ve established will continue to grow, regardless of my employer.  I’m looking at you Mike, Mark, Eric, Lisa, Jonathan, Tami, Erica, Justin, Kim, Duncan, etc etc.


Jeff, Chris, Gib, Julian, Mark, Dave, Doug, Ray, Amanda, Mahesh, Drew and John – can’t wait to get started guys.  See you on Monday 😉




  1. trainingfactor says:

    Tim–All the best to you on your new venture! We will definitely keep in touch

  2. Psyched to have you here, can’t wait for what lies ahead.

  3. You have been an amazing mentor, leader and friend. Your expertise, intelligence, leadership and awesome personality are going to be sorely missed around here…especially by me. Best of luck my friend!

  4. Best of luck to you, I am confident you will hit the ball out of the park!

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