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Making Moves

I’m not generally into big declarations about career moves (or declarations of any kind on this blog, as my extended absence from posting would prove) but I think a short note is in order here.

This week I joined The Tie Bar as VP eCommerce. It’s a big move, and an exciting one on many levels. I’m as pumped for this as anything I’ve ever done. Since this announcement is more for the 5 people who care enough to read this post, I figure I’d just cut right to some of the questions folks might have.

Why The Tie Bar?

Three key reasons: the team, the business opportunity & the personal/professional growth opportunity.


The Tie Bar pop-up shop on Armitage – just one small step in the plan for world domination. Giddy up!

I spent a fair amount of time with the team here both in professional & social contexts before joining and I quickly found some pretty meaningful connections with everyone, especially Michael and Allyson. These were the people I wanted to go on my next adventure with.

While the business is 10 years old (ancient in eComm), it’s still very much early innings in terms of the opportunity to grow & disrupt the men’s accessories market. The team is small and entrepreneurial and parallels the best of the young companies I’ve been a part of. We have a strong vision for how buying men’s accessories should look and are going to reshape the current (highly successful, and profitable) business in that image. The opportunity to join a market leader who is also deeply committed to shaking things up is rare and I couldn’t pass it up.

This role is also one that allows me room to challenge myself in exciting – and scary – ways. I’ll be responsible for the breadth of our digital business, from technology, customer experience and acquisition/retention marketing. While I’ve touched each of these areas meaningfully in my career, this is the first time I’ll have full authorship of a company’s strategy across all of them. I can’t wait to learn more about myself & my skills by taking this on.

Why Leave Trunk Club?

I had an incredible 2.5 year run at Trunk Club. Best job I’ve ever had. Best people I’ve ever worked with. We achieved everything we set out to accomplish and more. Being a part of that journey is something I’ll always treasure. It’s entirely possible that experience is my career Everest.

That said, it was increasingly clear near the end of my tenure that my skills & contributions were no longer what TC needed in the next stage of their growth. I built an incredible team whose talent far outweighed my own. Some relationships became more strained after such extended time in the trenches together. Much of that was my fault. While I kept telling myself I could re-capture the magic, Rob (our COO and TC’s preeminent voice of reason) saw past the hope and helped me recognize the reality that it was time to move on.

PM Team

The best PM team ever – thanks for everything Matt, Nick, Justin, Drishay and Brandon

There is no better feeling than to start a new journey. It’s my Opening Day. Time to go to work.

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