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A Peek Into Netflix Queues

via nytimes.com What did people rent most in your zip code last year? Are you in a Paul Blart Mall Cop or Benjamin Button sort of neighborhood? Interesting insight from Netflix & NYT... … [Read more]

When Product Suckage Is Ok

Ryan Singer at 37 Signals (the terrific Chicago-based start-up behind Basecamp, etc.) penned a terrific post "What's the suckage to usage ratio?" which makes a case for purposeful product design imperfection.  In a nutshell, Ryan argues that … [Read more]

Is SEO Ruining the Internet?

John Dvorak at PC Magazine just blogged about one of the often overlooked consequences of “good” SEO – erosion of the user experience.  He describes his pain in attempting to use the major engines to search for quality & trusted content on … [Read more]

The Customer Is Not Always Right

For those who may not know, I started my career as a researcher and in that field, I got pretty good at designing studies using a variety of well established methods to extract insights from people on their emotional reactions to Hallmark ads, brand … [Read more]