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The rare branded Facebook widget that works


American Eagle, a brand pretty much non-existent in my daily consciousness, just launched a terrific new widget that allows Facebook fans to browse items directly from their fan page or the user’s news feed itself. While not perfect (the product shots are less than compelling and some brief description would be nice), this demonstrates one of the rare times a brand has created something of real utility for a user via Facebook that stays true to their core business.

All too often, the contests and other gimmicks brands use to “engage” users, buyers and “fans” end up being mediocre attempts at achieving virality without really trying to connect that promotion or experience to their core brand message or, more importantly, a call to action to do something that will move the business forward.

Kudos to AE for the effort. It’s fairly obvious how such an approach could be valuable to anyone who is interested in showcasing, oh, say apartment listings to bring fans directly into the conversion funnel.

Oh, and I’m openly pleading to Banana Republic (a brand squarely in my daily consciousness!) to follow AE’s lead so that I can personally benefit from this. Sorry AE, not enough to get me to buy!


  1. Tamela Coval says:

    Great article. I just RT you, Tim, thanks for sharing. Tamela

  2. Mike Brewer says:

    Tim, Great post. The line on engagement is far beyond dropping an app in FB – I agree with you in that it’s a lame attempt in most cases. I would contend that the lion’s share of advertisers [in the context of listening, participating, shifting, influencing, remixing and repeating] are simply kissing their own arm. They forget that meeting comes before courting…It is great to see you in the blogging world – look forward to seeing more. Tamela, Thank you for the RT that turned me on to the post. Hope your weekend is line up for some compelling and over the top crazy cool stuff. M

  3. Tamela Coval says:

    Mike…chuckle. Life is never dull is it? Saw that you had 8:00 am Hoops-duty with your babies. What a blast…except for the 8:00 am part. Unfortunately I have one with the flu, so I’ll be playing Nurse Nancy this weekend. But I’ll finally have time to re-cover the dining room chairs in that fluffy leopard print fabric I bought last week. Next week…painting the dining room cream of tomato soup red. Why be normal? Thanks for the note. Tim, I saw your post in tweets shared between you and Jonathan Saar. You do good stuff as does Mike. You guys just use the big fancy words and just give the hip-hop version. I look forward to listening, learning and sharing from you guys. Now off to make some chicken and dumplings for my sick little sweet Cakes. T

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